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Palau Customs Broker Agents Highlight Efficiency with ASCYCUDA

In the competitive world of customs brokerage, efficiency is paramount.

The Republic of Palau’s Bureau of Customs and Border Protection recently implemented the cutting-edge ASYCUDAWorld system, developed by the United Nations Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

This move has transformed the trading community’s experience, streamlining nationwide customs processes and mandating use of the automated system by customs brokers and agents.

KRW Company, a well-established customs agency with five years of industry experience, was among the first to transition from manual into automated customs processes.

For Ms. Avonlea Niro, a declarant at KRW Company in the Republic of Palau, mastering the intricacies of customs clearance processes on the digital ASYCUDAWorld system has been a journey of learning so far.

Learning the ropes of the system was initially daunting, but with determination, I turned the challenges into opportunities,” Ms. Niro reflected. Ms. Niro had to immerse herself in understanding the complexities of the automated system, moving away from traditional paperwork.

One significant hurdle she encountered was navigating the online form-filling maze. However, the unwavering support of the ASYCUDA team at the Palau BCBP proved invaluable. Not only did Ms. Niro grasp the nuances of the forms, but she also learned the ropes of efficient submission.

The ASYCUDA TEAM was instrumental in my learning journey, their guidance was invaluable in simplifying the process for my understanding,” Ms. Niro said. The advent of ASYCUDA brought a paradigm shift, revolutionizing Ms Niro’s workflow. The seamless, paperless approach not only saves time but also reduces unnecessary paperwork, allowing customs stakeholders like Ms. Niro to focus on efficient service delivery.

Simply put, she says,

This system saved me time and papers. Now I don’t have to finish the paper or make two set of it (duplicate) and bring it with a flash drive to custom office. I can simply scan the necessary documents with the form and send it online and I just go back in the system to see if its ready for payment and go onwards from there.” ASYCUDA has been a game-changer for Ms. Niro in more ways than one. “I can now work from anywhere with an internet connectionit’s liberating!” The flexibility afforded by ASYCUDA allows her to seamlessly manage customs clearance processes, transcending geographical boundaries.

But it doesn’t stop there.

In Ms. Niro’s narrative, ASYCUDA isn’t merely a system; it’s a catalyst for efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction—a testament to the power of innovation in simplifying complex processes.

The efficient and cost-effective system is even keeping our clients happy given that they also save money and clearances are faster than before,” she said.

Ms. Rushlyn Ueki, a declarant at Surangel & Sons Company, also highlighted her journey following the transformation. Ms. Ueki and her team were learning to grasp the system while at the same time trying to clear shipments for their clients on time.

With ASYCUDA, things have really changed. Before it took us a week to clear all shipments and now it takes us only a couple of days,” Ms. Ueki added.

“Given our high standards of compliance, our company is on Green Lane now, and the processes are even faster. We don’t need to keep checking and waiting for validation. We can just process and we are ready to pay. This system saves us time and money.” she further elaborated.

Photo: Staff of Surangel & Sons Company (From Left) Dastin Darius, Declarant – Rushlyn Ueki, Jennifer O. Ingais, and Kimberly Elarionoff.

The impact of ASYCUDA is tangible. Following the January 2024 launch of the ASYCUDAWorld system, Palau witnessed a remarkable 53% increase in customs revenue by mid-March, compared to the same period last year.

This transformation was made possible through the European Union (EU)-funded Improving Pacific Islands Customs and Trade (IMPACT) project, implemented by UNCTAD.

About KRW Company: KRW Company is a customs broker company based out of Koror, Palau, a central area where about 70% of the commercial establishments are situated.

About Surangel & Sons Company: Surangel and Sons Co. is a diverse and thriving corporation located in the Republic of Palau.

About ASYCUDAWorld: ASYCUDAWorld is a cutting-edge customs management system by UN Trade and Development, aimed at simplifying trade and customs processes.

About the IMPACT Project: Funded by the European Union, the IMPACT project seeks to enhance customs operations through technological advancements and capacity building.

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