ASYCUDAWorld is the UNCTAD ASYCUDA Programme’s latest customs management system –  the fourth version of the Programme’s flagship IT software. Currently running in over 90 countries – in every habitable continent of the world – it is compatible with all major database management and operating systems.

Globally, ASYCUDAWorld allows customs administrations and the business community to process hundreds of thousands of electronic documents every day. Data can be exchanged with national or international entities online or via independent network lines to speed up the trade process while complying with recognized international norms and standards.

ASYCUDAWorld is easily customizable and new or advanced components can be added at any time to suit a country’s specific needs. Such add-on modules can cover a full range of customs business features that are defined according to specific national and regional priorities.

• 100% Java technology

• Operating system, relational database and hardware independent

• Highly scalable N-tier architecture and modular design

• Fully compatible with all forms of data exchange with any external software

• Highly secure – including asymmetrical encryption, biometrics, e-signature, two-factor authentication, etc

• E-government ready

• An open platform to build a customs-centric electronic Single Window

Countries and territories are increasingly using ASYCUDAWorld to help them realize the benefits of complying with the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and the WCO Revised Kyoto Convention. As evidence of this, in 2021, 19 projects and addenda out of 30 focus on the consolidation and enhancement of ASYCUDAWorld through migration to the latest version of the software and the development of additional tailored modules.

  • RAM - 4GB
  • Operating System - Compatible with all O/S 
  • CPU - 2.6 - 3.0 Ghz
  • Browser - Compatible with all browsers
  • Internet Speed -  512kbps
  • Additional Software - PDF Reader

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Like all ASYCUDA software, ASYCUDAWorld is
installed at the request of governments as part
of technical assistance agreements and adapted
to suit the national characteristics of individual
customs regimes, national tariffs and legislation.

  • Identifies the areas needing reform, such as simplification of clearance procedures, alignment of forms to international standards and modernization of the national customs law.

  • ASYCUDAWorld is configured to incorporate national specificities, that is, the coding of tariffs and related regulations and legislation, data entry of the control tables and preparation of valuation systems. A large training and capacity-building programme is associated with this phase for the transfer of skills and know-how.

  • Various national sites are equipped with the human, technical and logistical skills to autonomously implement and manage the ASYCUDA project.

Palau ASYCUDA Project Team

Mohammed Rizwan Khan


Joline Spesungel

ASYCUDA Project Manager

Ashley Adelbai

ASYCUDA Project Team

Artin Hideyos

ASYCUDA Project Team