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The focus and responsibility of the Division of Corporate Services is to provide the main units with the essential prerequisites to sustain an effective and efficient work to ensure uninterrupted functions of the administration, customer service, equipment, technology, manpower, training, and processes within the Bureau. The section is also responsible for developing a socially responsible and committed workforce through strengthening and improving its service, providing an effective administration, deliver quality and reliable statistics on a timely matter, and to assist the public and importers, as well as overseas visitors, to better understand and use the services and programs administered by Customs.


  • There are 5 Divisions currently under the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection and they are:
    1. Division of Border Management and Enforcement
    2. Division of Revenue & Trade Facilitation
    3. Division of Corporate Services
    4. Division of Immigration
    5. Division of Biosecurity
  • RPPL 11-7, reorganized the Divisions of Immigration and Biosecurity as divisions under the Bureau of Customs under the Ministry of Finance.
  • There are a wide range of trainings to include but not limited to capacity building, workshops, seminars, online and/or virtual to name a few, furthermore, these are provided by our partner public agencies, countries, inter-agency groups and international or regional organizations.
  • Essentially we are the Division that handles the administrative and supportive work in all aspects of the Bureau and its Divisions. From daily operations to payroll to name a few and any supportive functions between our Bureau and other government agencies, international or regional organizations and the public & private sectors.